One app which is above the rest. A no hassle 3rd party media application for everyone to use compatible with ALL android devices.

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Integrate Real Debrid.

The usage of Tvium with the added support of Real-Debrid (Real Debrid NOT Required) you can watch 1000's of Movies and TV Shows.

If you do not have a Real Debrid account you can obtain one by clicking the link below.

AceStream Integration.

Tvium supports the Acestreams public database for high quality p2p live streaming at your finger tips at no cost.

Its as easy as Search > Click > Watch!

Why are there no adverts in the application.

I have integrated the Bright Data SDK which helps pay for the server and pay for my developer to maintain the application and make it the best it can be without it being filled with annoying and intrusive / x-rated adverts. You can opt out and the sdk will be disregarded and not loaded but please remember that the sdk is what pays for the application and if there isnt no money there wont be no application so please consider opting in to use the sdk.

Thank You!

You can find how Bright Data works by visiting there website.

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